KAMP - El Centro , CA: 1977 - 77

KAMP was the first commercial radio station I worked for. Steve Kessler was the Program Director and the midday on-air personality. Gene Raymond, a.k.a. "Mean Gene," and whose dad owned the station, was on-air in the afternoons, and morning entertainment was provided by Greg Gardner and his alter ego Festus. I'd drive in 90 miles from Riverside on Saturdays to do the Saturday afternoon shift. Then I'd turn off the station when my shift was done. Since I had no money at the time, I'd sleep in my sleeping bag on the KAMP studio floor and wake up Sunday mornings, turn the station back on at 6 A.M., broadcast until Noon, then I'd make the drive back to Riverside. During the week I would go to my Radio & TV Broadcasting classes at Fullerton City College. It always reminded me of the George Carlin line from his AM/FM album, "I was earning a living when I should have still been learning about it."

All I can say about these airchecks is that they are of a very nervous eighteen year-old kid with six months of broadcasting under his belt; KAMP Aircheck 2 was apparently good enough to get me hired at KDES.